1 in a court of law
inquest (BrE), trial (esp. BrE)

He was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of distributing illegal steroids.

civil, criminal (both esp. AmE)

A retrial was necessary after the original trial ended with a hung jury.


The 12-member jury deliberated for five days before returning a verdict.

serve on, sit on

Tell the jury what happened, in your own words.

convince, impress, persuade, sway

Her evidence finally swayed the jury.

direct (BrE), instruct

The judge directed the jury to return a verdict of not guilty.

convene (AmE), impanel (AmE), pick, select
strike (= remove) (AmE)

The attorney has the right to strike jurors for any reason.

swear in (esp. BrE)

The new jury were sworn in.

sequester (AmE)

Judge Ito sequestered the jury for the entire trial.

hear sth

The jury heard how the boy had obtained a knife from a friend's house.

investigate sth (esp. AmE)

He will appear before a grand jury investigating the case.

retire (esp. BrE)
consider its verdict (esp. BrE), deliberate

The jury has retired to consider its verdict.

be out

The jury is still out (= still deciding).

The jury is still out on this new policy. (figurative)

decide sth, deliver a/its verdict, give a verdict, reach a verdict, return a verdict

The jury delivered a unanimous verdict.

indict sb (esp. AmE)

A Los Angeles grand jury indicted him for perjury.

convict sb, find sb guilty

The jury convicted Menzies of assaulting Smith.

acquit sb, clear sb (esp. BrE), find sb not guilty
award sb

The jury awarded her damages of £30 000.

duty (esp. AmE), service (esp. BrE)

It was the second time he had been called up for jury duty/service.

selection (esp. AmE)

a review of the jury system

indictment, investigation, subpoena (all esp. AmE)

The company has been slapped with a grand jury subpoena.

testimony (esp. AmE)

the President's grand jury testimony

before a jury

The trial will take place before a jury.

on a/the jury

There were only three women on the jury.

jury of

the jury of seven women and five men

the foreman of the jury, members of the jury
trial by jury

You have a right to trial by jury.

2 of a competition
choose, select

The jury is selected from the winners in previous years.

judge sth
consist of sb

The jury consisted of an architect, a photographer and an artist.

award (sb) sth, give sb sth

The jury has awarded the prize for best exhibit in the show to Harry Pearson.

on a/the jury

He was on a jury judging a songwriting competition.

jury for

the jury for the design awards

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