correctly, properly, safely (esp. BrE)

Make sure the equipment is properly installed.

She saw her guests safely installed in their rooms and then went downstairs. (BrE, figurative)

improperly, incorrectly

They estimate that four out of five child car seats are installed improperly.


The loft ladder is easily installed.


A professionally installed alarm will cost from about £500.


Water softening units can be permanently installed into the plumbing system.


A Trojan horse, secretly installed on your computer, can change your Internet settings.

be easy to, be simple to

The switches are cheap to buy and easy to install.


An anti-theft device is installed in the vehicle.


Linux can be installed on most PCs or Macs.

be installed as CEO, leader, president etc.

He was recently installed as president of the National Medical Association.

newly installed, recently installed

a recently installed swimming pool

Install is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑electrician
Install is used with these nouns as the object: ↑alarm, ↑antenna, ↑application, ↑barrier, ↑boiler, ↑cable, ↑camera, ↑card, ↑carpet, ↑CD-ROM, ↑chip, ↑component, ↑computer, ↑device, ↑drive, ↑elevator, ↑engine, ↑equipment, ↑exhibition, ↑faucet, ↑file, ↑fire alarm, ↑fireplace, ↑fitting, ↑furnace, ↑government, ↑heater, ↑heating, ↑kit, ↑lighting, ↑machine, ↑machinery, ↑meter, ↑modem, ↑module, ↑network, ↑package, ↑panel, ↑patch, ↑pipe, ↑printer, ↑program, ↑regime, ↑shutter, ↑sink, ↑software, ↑system, ↑telephone, ↑terminal, ↑unit, ↑update, ↑valve, ↑vent, ↑version, ↑wiring

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