1 person who creates works of art
accomplished, gifted, great, talented
celebrated, distinguished, established, famous, influential, leading, major, master (esp. AmE), renowned, successful, top-selling, well-known, world-renowned
aspiring, budding, emerging, up-and-coming

She set up the gallery so that up-and-coming artists could exhibit their work.

lesser-known, struggling, unknown
amateur, professional

He is a serious artist, and totally committed to his work.

real, true

My husband is a real artist in the kitchen. (figurative)

abstract, conceptual, figurative, performance, visual
ceramic, graphic, mixed-media, watercolour/watercolor
Impressionist, pop
landscape, war (esp. BrE), wildlife
graffiti, pavement (BrE), sidewalk (AmE)
make-up, tattoo
comic, comic-book
avant-garde, contemporary, living, modern
19th-century, etc.

In 1942 the city commissioned war artist John Piper to paint its bombed cathedral.

feature, showcase

The museum's featured artists include Degas, Cézanne and Renoir.

an exhibition featuring wildlife artist Emma Gray

promote, represent

The agency began to represent Chinese artists.


Artists are inspired by beauty.

create sth, design sth, draw (sth), paint (sth), produce sth

an artist who paints in oils


artists who work in different media

experiment with sth, explore sth

The artists explored common themes.

depict sb/sth, portray sb/sth

the many ways in which artists depict the human figure

specialize in sth

a group of artists who specialize in jazz-themed art

exhibit sth, show sth

Local artists are currently exhibiting their work at the gallery.

an artist in residence

the new artist in residence at the Tate Gallery

2 a professional entertainer

The Blue Note Quartet will be the guest artists tomorrow night.

escape, mime (esp. BrE), trapeze
hip-hop, rap, reggae, etc.
spoken-word (esp. AmE)

The festival featured up-and-coming young artists.

promote, represent
perform (sth)
record (sth)

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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