1 wanting to do sth
be, feel, seem

I only write when I feel inclined to.

There's time for a swim if you feel so inclined.

strongly, very

I'm rather inclined to wait a few days before deciding.


I'm half inclined to agree with you.


Advertising aims to make people feel favourably inclined towards products. (BrE)

Advertising aims to make people feel favorably inclined toward products. (AmE)

2 tending/likely to do sth
appear, be, seem
become, grow
strongly, very
rather, slightly

She's rather inclined to become impatient.

less, little (esp. BrE)

They are less inclined to ask questions.

criminally, mystically, romantically

The club was a notorious hang-out for the criminally inclined.

to (formal)

people who are naturally inclined to melancholy

that way inclined (informal, esp. BrE)

I didn't know you were that way inclined (= interested in such things).

3 having a natural ability for sth
appear, be, seem
academically, artistically, mathematically, musically, etc.

children who are academically inclined

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