undocumented (esp. AmE)

the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in California


the number of legal immigrants to the US

Hispanic, Irish, Italian, Jewish, Mexican, etc.
newly arrived, recent, recently arrived
first-generation, second-generation

Like many first-generation immigrants, they worked hard and saved most of their earnings.


These were working-class immigrants, mainly from rural parts of Mexico.


poor immigrants from Latin American countries


The government is eager to attract skilled immigrants.

flood, influx, tide, wave
accept, welcome
attract, draw, encourage

These factors attracted new immigrants.

bring, smuggle

boats bringing illegal immigrants over from North Africa

assimilate (esp. AmE)

a careful mechanism for assimilating immigrants

employ, hire

Businesses may want to hire skilled immigrants.

assist, help

the circumstances under which immigrants were detained


anti-terrorist legislation that targeted immigrants

deport, return

ships laden with would-be immigrants who were forcibly returned


a law designed to exclude Chinese immigrants

arrive, enter sth, move to sth, pour into sth, settle sth

immigrants seeking to enter the country

the immigrants who poured into America

come from sth
flee sth

European immigrants fleeing Nazism in the 1930s

live in sth, settle in sth

a family of Turkish immigrants living in California

European immigrants settled much of Australia.


a young Afghan immigrant who has worked at the store for years

found sth

The company was founded by two immigrants from Bangladesh.

speak sth

recent immigrants who do not speak English

seek sth

Mexican immigrants seeking farm work

experience sth
face sth

the issues faced by Dominican immigrants


Italian immigrants assimilated easily into Brazilian society.

community, family, generation, group, minority, population
labourer/laborer, student, worker

They are trying to secure immigrant status for their families.


different aspects of the immigrant experience

culture, identity
immigrant from
immigrant to

She was the daughter of Chinese immigrants to America.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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