deep, great

the deep hurt that he felt when Jane left him


He knew that he had caused his boyfriend a lot of hurt.


I could see the hurt in her eyes.

1 cause pain/injury
badly, seriously

She fell and hurt her leg quite badly.

No one was seriously hurt in the accident.

actually, physically

I was shaken, but not actually hurt.

2 be/feel painful
badly, a lot, really

My ankle still hurts quite badly.

Does it hurt a lot?

Ouch! It really hurts.

be going to

I knew it was going to hurt—but not that much!

begin to
3 upset sb
badly, deeply, really, terribly

Her remarks hurt him deeply.

They never told me why and that really hurt.

attempt to, try to

Are you deliberately trying to hurt me?

want to

Why would I want to hurt her?

not mean to

I never meant to hurt anyone.

Hurt is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑back, ↑ear, ↑eye, ↑knee, ↑lung, ↑muscle, ↑side, ↑throat, ↑word
Hurt is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ankle, ↑arm, ↑back, ↑business, ↑chance, ↑credibility, ↑ear, ↑economy, ↑ego, ↑feeling, ↑industry, ↑knee, ↑morale, ↑pride, ↑reputation, ↑sale, ↑tourism
1 injured
be, look

Stop that or you'll get hurt!

badly, seriously

Steve didn't look seriously hurt.

2 upset
be, feel, look, seem, sound
deeply, extremely, really, terribly, very
a bit, quite, rather, slightly

Roy seemed deeply hurt by this remark.

Hurt is used with these nouns: ↑expression, ↑feeling, ↑leg, ↑look, ↑pride

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