1 building that is made for one family to live in
beautiful, comfortable, elegant, fancy (esp. AmE), fine, grand, handsome, lovely, luxurious, magnificent, posh (esp. BrE), pretty

They built their own dream house overlooking the river.

dingy, gloomy, ugly
derelict, dilapidated, ramshackle, shabby, untidy (BrE)
detached, semi-detached
row (AmE), terrace (BrE), terraced (BrE)
big, enormous, gigantic, huge, large, palatial, spacious

It was easy to get lost in the rambling house.

little, modest, small, tiny

They lived in a modest semi-detached house in the suburbs.

single-storey/single-story, single-storeyed/single-storied, two-storey/two-story, etc.
four-bedroom, four-bedroomed, eight-room, eight-roomed, etc.
brick, gabled (esp. BrE), half-timbered (esp. BrE), red-brick, thatched
council (BrE)
empty, unoccupied, vacant
country, suburban, town (usually townhouse in AmE)
great, manor (BrE), mansion (esp. BrE)

The great house stood on the edge of the town.

farm (usually farmhouse)
ranch (AmE)
tract (AmE)
communal, group (AmE), shared (BrE)

I live in a group/shared house (= with people who are not my family).

halfway, safe

a halfway house for prisoners returning to society

The police provided a safe house for the informer.

live in, occupy

a house occupied by students


She shares a house with three other nurses.

buy, rent
have, own
let (esp. BrE), let out (esp. BrE), rent out

We let out our house when we moved to America.

We're only planning on renting the house out for a few years.

repossess (esp. BrE)

Their house was repossessed when they couldn't keep up their mortgage payments.

move (BrE), move into, move out of

It's stressful moving house.

We had to move out of our house.

set up

They want to set up house together.


She kept house (= cooked, cleaned, etc.) for her elderly parents.


The children were playing house, giving dinner to their dolls.

demolish, knock down, tear down
decorate (esp. BrE), do up (BrE), redecorate, refurbish, renovate

They bought an old house and are gradually renovating it.

insulate, rewire
add onto, extend

We're hoping to extend the house.

Our challenge was to add onto the house in a respectful way.


Police officers have been searching the house for clues.

wake up

You'll wake up the whole house (= all the people in the house) with that noise.

be situated, lie, stand

The house stood a short distance from the woods.

face sth, overlook sth

The house faces south, making the most of the sun.

houses overlooking the park


The house loomed over him as he waited at the front door.

be worth sth
collapse, fall down
burn down, catch fire, catch on fire (AmE)
come into view
agent (BrE)
buyer, owner

The bank offers attractive rates to first-time house buyers.

tenant (BrE)
building, construction
decoration (BrE), improvement (esp. BrE), renovation, repairs
builder, painter
contents (esp. BrE)
design, plan, planning
move (esp. BrE)

They helped us with our house move.

prices, rents (esp. BrE), values (esp. BrE)
insurance (esp. BrE) (usually home insurance in AmE)
front, interior

In the morning, the doctor makes house calls.


The former dictator is under house arrest in his country mansion.

blaze (BrE), fire

He's happy being a house husband while his wife goes out to work.

fly, mouse, sparrow, etc.
at sb's/the house

I finally tracked him down at his house in Denver.

from house to house

She went from house to house collecting signatures for her campaign.

in a/the house

It was so hot outside we stayed in the house.

2 in a theatre/theater
full, packed
play to

They played to a packed house.

bring the house down (= please the audience very much)
front of house (= the area used by the audience)

I work front of house.

the front-of-house staff

permanently, temporarily

The fish can be temporarily housed in a smaller aquarium.

individually, separately

The rabbits were housed individually.

adequately (esp. BrE)

At no time in the 19th century were the working classes adequately housed.

badly (esp. BrE)

The losers in this society are the homeless and badly housed.

House is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑building, ↑facility, ↑gallery, ↑museum
House is used with these nouns as the object: ↑archive, ↑collection, ↑exhibit, ↑exhibition, ↑inmate, ↑machinery, ↑museum, ↑refugee

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