1 person who receives and entertains visitors
charming (esp. BrE), generous, genial, good, gracious, perfect

George was a perfect host.

act as, play

The town is playing host to a film crew.

city, club (esp. BrE), community, country, family, government, nation, society, state

The host club is to be congratulated on its organization of the tournament.

host to

The park is host to a beautiful ornamental lake.

2 person who introduces a television or radio show
chat-show (BrE), game-show, radio, talk-show, television, TV

The event will be opened by television host Bill Punter.


The tournament is to be jointly hosted by India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

agree to, offer to
be keen to (BrE)

The country is very keen to host the Winter Olympics in six years' time.

a bid to host sth

the city's bid to host the Olympic Games in the year 2008

Host is used with these nouns as the object: ↑bash, ↑ceremony, ↑championship, ↑concert, ↑conference, ↑convention, ↑debate, ↑dinner, ↑evening, ↑event, ↑exhibit, ↑exhibition, ↑fair, ↑feast, ↑festival, ↑final, ↑forum, ↑gala, ↑game, ↑gathering, ↑guest, ↑luncheon, ↑meeting, ↑party, ↑premiere, ↑programme, ↑reception, ↑seminar, ↑show, ↑site, ↑summit, ↑talk, ↑tournament, ↑website, ↑workshop

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