1 high level or point
all-time, historic, new, record

The number of prisoners has reached a historic high.

five-year, ten-year, etc.

He hit a career high with his performance as Al.

hit, reach

Share prices reached an all-time high yesterday.

2 feeling of great pleasure or happiness
real, tremendous

He was still on a natural high after cheating death.

adrenalin, caffeine
experience, get

the high she got from her job

give sb

The drug gives you a tremendous high.

on a high

She's been on a real high since she got her exam results.

We want to finish on a high.

the highs and lows

the emotional highs and lows of an actor's life

High is used with these nouns: ↑ability, ↑abundance, ↑accolade, ↑accuracy, ↑achievement, ↑aim, ↑alert, ↑altar, ↑altitude, ↑ambition, ↑amount, ↑arc, ↑art, ↑aspiration, ↑ball, ↑beam, ↑bid, ↑bill, ↑blood pressure, ↑boot, ↑bracket, ↑bridge, ↑buzz, ↑capacity, ↑caste, ↑casualty, ↑category, ↑ceiling, ↑chance, ↑charge, ↑cheekbone, ↑chimney, ↑cholesterol, ↑church, ↑circle, ↑cliff, ↑cloud, ↑collar, ↑colour, ↑comedy, ↑command, ↑commission, ↑commissioner, ↑concentration, ↑confidence, ↑consumption, ↑content, ↑correlation, ↑cost, ↑count, ↑credibility, ↑culture, ↑cupboard, ↑current, ↑debt, ↑degree, ↑demand, ↑density, ↑desert, ↑diversity, ↑dividend, ↑division, ↑dosage, ↑dose, ↑drama, ↑duty, ↑earnings, ↑effectiveness, ↑efficiency, ↑employment, ↑end, ↑enrolment, ↑esteem, ↑estimate, ↑excitement, ↑expectation, ↑expenditure, ↑expense, ↑explosive, ↑exposure, ↑fare, ↑fashion, ↑fat, ↑favour, ↑fee, ↑fence, ↑fever, ↑figure, ↑finance, ↑forehead, ↑frequency, ↑gate, ↑gear, ↑gloss, ↑grade, ↑ground, ↑growth, ↑heat, ↑hedge, ↑heel, ↑hill, ↑honour, ↑hope, ↑humidity, ↑hurdle, ↑ideal, ↑impact, ↑importance, ↑incidence, ↑income, ↑index, ↑indignation, ↑inflation, ↑intake, ↑integrity, ↑intelligence, ↑intensity, ↑investment, ↑jump, ↑key, ↑kick, ↑latitude, ↑ledge, ↑level, ↑likelihood, ↑load, ↑maintenance, ↑margin, ↑mark, ↑mileage, ↑moral, ↑morale, ↑mortality, ↑motivation, ↑motive, ↑mound, ↑mountain, ↑neck, ↑noon, ↑note, ↑number, ↑occurrence, ↑odds, ↑offer, ↑office, ↑opinion, ↑orbit, ↑output, ↑pass, ↑pay, ↑peak, ↑penetration, ↑percentage, ↑performance, ↑pitch, ↑plateau, ↑platform, ↑point, ↑position, ↑post, ↑potential, ↑prairie, ↑praise, ↑precision, ↑premium, ↑pressure, ↑prestige, ↑price, ↑priest, ↑principle, ↑priority, ↑probability, ↑productivity, ↑proficiency, ↑profile, ↑profit, ↑profitability, ↑proportion, ↑purity, ↑quality, ↑rainfall, ↑rank, ↑rate, ↑rating, ↑ratio, ↑reading, ↑recommendation, ↑regard, ↑register, ↑reliability, ↑relief, ↑rent, ↑reputation, ↑resistance, ↑resolution, ↑respect, ↑return, ↑rev, ↑reward, ↑risk, ↑river, ↑road, ↑room, ↑salary, ↑sale, ↑school, ↑score, ↑season, ↑sensitivity, ↑seriousness, ↑setting, ↑shelf, ↑society, ↑sound, ↑specification, ↑speed, ↑speed limit, ↑spending, ↑spot, ↑squeak, ↑stake, ↑standard, ↑standing, ↑status, ↑stock, ↑stool, ↑street, ↑strength, ↑stress, ↑sum, ↑summer, ↑summit, ↑sun, ↑table, ↑tackle, ↑target, ↑tariff, ↑tax, ↑taxation, ↑tea, ↑technology, ↑temperature, ↑tenor, ↑tension, ↑threshold, ↑tide, ↑tolerance, ↑toll, ↑total, ↑tower, ↑treason, ↑tree, ↑turnout, ↑turnover, ↑uncertainty, ↑unemployment, ↑usage, ↑utility, ↑valley, ↑valuation, ↑value, ↑variability, ↑velocity, ↑visibility, ↑voice, ↑voltage, ↑volume, ↑wage, ↑waist, ↑waistline, ↑wall, ↑wastage, ↑waterfall, ↑whine, ↑whistle, ↑wind, ↑wire, ↑yield
High is used with these adjectives: ↑overhead
High is used with these verbs: ↑bounce, ↑climb, ↑fly, ↑leap, ↑rank, ↑soar

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