1 holding sth
firm, tight (esp. AmE)

She felt a firm grasp on her hand.

slip from

As she jumped forward, the ball slipped from her grasp.

escape, slip out of (usually figurative)

He slipped out of our grasp (= he escaped).

prise sth from (BrE), pry sth from (esp. AmE), rip sth from, snatch sth from, wrench sth from, wrest sth from

She wrenched the bottle from his grasp.

tighten (esp. AmE)
beyond your grasp

The key was on a high shelf, just beyond her grasp.

in your grasp

He kept the letter firmly in his grasp.

from sb's grasp

The robber tried to free the case from her grasp.

out of sb's grasp

She kicked the gun out of his grasp.

within (your) grasp (often figurative)

Just when victory seemed within grasp, the referee blew his whistle.

2 understanding
firm, good, impressive, solid, strong
feeble, limited, poor, shaky, tenuous

The task was beyond the intellectual grasp of some of the students.


We have no intuitive grasp of the immensity of time.


Working with native speakers helped me get a good grasp of the language.

beyond sb's grasp

These ideas are all beyond his grasp.

within sb's grasp
grasp of

a poor grasp of mathematics

1 take hold of sb/sth suddenly and firmly
firmly, tightly

Her hands were grasping at his coat.


She grasped him tightly by the wrist.

grasp hold of sb/sth

She grasped hold of the banister to support herself.

2 understand sth

He had not fully grasped the fact that he was the one who would pay for all this.

not quite, not really

I hadn't really grasped what they were talking about.

easily, readily

a means by which students can more easily grasp the basics of science

try to
be unable to, fail to

She failed to grasp the significance of these facts.

quick to

He was quick to grasp the basic principles.

be difficult to, be hard to

Some of these concepts are very difficult to grasp.

Grasp is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑hand
Grasp is used with these nouns as the object: ↑arm, ↑basics, ↑chance, ↑complexity, ↑concept, ↑edge, ↑elbow, ↑end, ↑enormity, ↑essence, ↑essentials, ↑fact, ↑fundamentals, ↑hand, ↑handle, ↑hold, ↑implication, ↑importance, ↑intricacy, ↑magnitude, ↑meaning, ↑opportunity, ↑rail, ↑reality, ↑rein, ↑seriousness, ↑significance, ↑situation, ↑subtlety, ↑truth, ↑wrist

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