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  • Forwarder — For ward*er, n. 1. One who forwards or promotes; a promoter. Udall. [1913 Webster] 2. One who sends forward anything; specifically, (Com.) one who transmits goods; a forwarding merchant, such as a freight forwarder. [1913 Webster +PJC] 3.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • forwarder — [fôr′wər dər] n. a person or thing that forwards; specif., a person or agency that receives goods and expedites their delivery, as by arranging for warehousing, shipping in carload lots, transshipping, etc …   English World dictionary

  • Forwarder — Forstlicher Rückezug, Klemmbankschlepper ÖSA 250 Als Forwarder, Rückezug oder Tragrückeschlepper wird in der Holzernte ein Fahrzeug bezeichnet, das geerntetes Holz aus dem Bestand an den LKW befahrbaren Waldweg vorliefert. Er kann damit als… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • forwarder — Acts as a travel agent for cargo. A forwarder specializes in arranging the transport and completing required shipping documentation. Some are affiliated with NVOCC services. In the United States they are licensed by the Federal Maritime… …   Financial and business terms

  • Forwarder — A forwarder is a vehicle that carries logs from the stump to a roadside landing. Unlike a skidder, a forwarder carries logs clear of the ground, which can reduce soil impacts but tends to limit the size of the logs it can move. Forwarders are… …   Wikipedia

  • forwarder — /fawr weuhr deuhr/, n. 1. a person who forwards. 2. See freight forwarder. [1540 50; FORWARD + ER1] * * * …   Universalium

  • forwarder — ekspeditorius statusas T sritis Gynyba apibrėžtis Subjektas, su kuriuo siuntėjas sudaro prekių vežimo sutartį. atitikmenys: angl. forwarder pranc. transitaire šaltinis NATO turto sekimo terminų žodynas AAP 35, 2000 …   Lithuanian dictionary (lietuvių žodynas)

  • forwarder — Person or business whose business it is to receive goods for further handling by way of warehousing, packing, carload shipping, delivery, etc. See forwarding agent freight forwarder …   Black's law dictionary

  • forwarder — A lawyer who sends an item of business accepted from a client to another lawyer, usually a lawyer at a distance, who, by reason of jurisdictional considerations or of proximity to a party or the subject matter of the business, can handle it more… …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • forwarder — forward ► ADVERB (also forwards) 1) in the direction that one is facing or travelling. 2) onward so as to make progress. 3) ahead in time. 4) in or near the front of a ship or aircraft. ► ADJECTIVE 1) towards the direction that one is facing or… …   English terms dictionary

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