1 very correct/official
be, seem, sound
extremely, fairly, very, etc.

Learning was by rote and strictly formal.

2 concerned with the way sth is done
merely, purely

Getting approval for the plan is a purely formal matter: nobody will seriously oppose it.


The monarch retains largely formal duties.

Formal is used with these nouns: ↑acceptance, ↑acknowledgement, ↑adoption, ↑agreement, ↑alliance, ↑announcement, ↑apology, ↑appeal, ↑application, ↑appointment, ↑approach, ↑approval, ↑arrangement, ↑aspect, ↑assessment, ↑association, ↑assurance, ↑authorization, ↑banquet, ↑bow, ↑briefing, ↑care, ↑caution, ↑ceremony, ↑channel, ↑clothes, ↑communication, ↑competence, ↑complaint, ↑composition, ↑conference, ↑consent, ↑contract, ↑declaration, ↑definition, ↑description, ↑dining room, ↑dinner, ↑discussion, ↑distinction, ↑dress, ↑education, ↑employment, ↑enquiry, ↑equality, ↑establishment, ↑evaluation, ↑event, ↑evidence, ↑examination, ↑expression, ↑garden, ↑gathering, ↑greeting, ↑guideline, ↑hearing, ↑inauguration, ↑instruction, ↑introduction, ↑invitation, ↑language, ↑learning, ↑lecture, ↑letter, ↑link, ↑logic, ↑manner, ↑meeting, ↑negotiation, ↑news conference, ↑notification, ↑occasion, ↑offer, ↑opening, ↑permission, ↑politeness, ↑presentation, ↑procedure, ↑process, ↑procession, ↑proof, ↑proposal, ↑protest, ↑qualification, ↑reception, ↑recognition, ↑record, ↑register, ↑registration, ↑relationship, ↑reply, ↑report, ↑reprimand, ↑request, ↑requirement, ↑resolution, ↑rigour, ↑rule, ↑schooling, ↑separation, ↑setting, ↑statement, ↑structure, ↑style, ↑suit, ↑talk, ↑teaching, ↑tone, ↑training, ↑treaty, ↑tuxedo, ↑verdict, ↑visit, ↑vocabulary, ↑warning, ↑wear

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