1 not coming from your own country
be, look, sound

The name sounded foreign.


a slightly foreign accent


He was a small man, distinctly foreign in appearance.

2 foreign to sb not typical of sb/not known to sb
be, feel, seem
completely, entirely, quite, totally, utterly

This kind of attitude is completely foreign to her.

Foreign is used with these nouns: ↑accent, ↑adventure, ↑affair, ↑agent, ↑aggression, ↑aid, ↑arena, ↑army, ↑asset, ↑assistance, ↑bank, ↑base, ↑body, ↑branch, ↑capital, ↑commentator, ↑commerce, ↑competition, ↑competitor, ↑consumer, ↑corporation, ↑correspondent, ↑counterpart, ↑country, ↑credit, ↑creditor, ↑culture, ↑currency, ↑customer, ↑debt, ↑demand, ↑diplomat, ↑domination, ↑editor, ↑elite, ↑embassy, ↑enemy, ↑expedition, ↑film, ↑firm, ↑fund, ↑funding, ↑government, ↑holiday, ↑immigrant, ↑import, ↑income, ↑influence, ↑interest, ↑intervention, ↑investment, ↑investor, ↑journalist, ↑labour, ↑land, ↑language, ↑learner, ↑manufacturer, ↑market, ↑media, ↑mercenary, ↑merchant, ↑military, ↑minister, ↑ministry, ↑missionary, ↑multinational, ↑nation, ↑nationality, ↑news, ↑object, ↑observer, ↑occupation, ↑origin, ↑ownership, ↑participation, ↑partner, ↑passport, ↑policy, ↑port, ↑posting, ↑power, ↑press, ↑producer, ↑relation, ↑reporter, ↑right, ↑rival, ↑sale, ↑secretary, ↑security, ↑service, ↑shore, ↑soil, ↑source, ↑spy, ↑state, ↑station, ↑stock, ↑student, ↑subsidiary, ↑substance, ↑supplier, ↑territory, ↑terrorist, ↑tongue, ↑tour, ↑tourist, ↑trade, ↑trader, ↑travel, ↑traveller, ↑trip, ↑troops, ↑vessel, ↑visit, ↑visitor, ↑water, ↑word

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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