1 soft part of sb's body
firm, smooth, soft, tender
pale, pink, white
bare, exposed, naked
burned, burning
decaying, rotting
dead, living
animal, human
cut, cut into

The chain cut into his tender flesh.

His shirt was too small for him and cut into the tender flesh at his armpit.

strip, tear at, tear off

Falcons usually strip the flesh off their prey.

African hunting dogs will tear at the flesh of their victim until it is weak.

dig into, pierce, pierce into, tear, tear into

The weapon tore into his flesh.

Cook the duck until the juices run pale yellow when the flesh is pierced.


According to Greek mythology, the minotaur would only eat human flesh.

become, make sth (literary)

In the Christian tradition, God is made flesh (= becomes human).

crawl, creep (both figurative)

The story made his flesh creep (= made him feel afraid).


The injury was only a flesh wound.


The tights come in various flesh tones.

in the flesh

Thousands of fans gathered to see the band in the flesh (= see the band in reality and not just in a picture).

flesh and blood

a man of flesh and blood (= not a ghost)

flesh and bone

The knife cut through flesh and bone.

Babies are born not just as bundles of flesh and bone (= not simply living bodies without thoughts or feelings) but with already distinctive personalities.

the pleasures of the flesh, the sins of the flesh, the temptations of the flesh
the smell of flesh

the smell of rotting flesh

2 soft part of fruit/vegetables
chop, cut

Pare the mango and cut the flesh away from the stone.

scoop, scoop out

Cut the melon in half and scoop out the flesh.

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