(BrE) (AmE flavor) noun
1 taste of food
delicious, fine (esp. BrE), good, lovely (esp. BrE), pleasant (esp. BrE), wonderful
characteristic (esp. BrE), distinctive, particular, unique
full, pronounced (esp. BrE), rich, strong
complex, intense
delicate, mild, subtle
bitter, sharp, sour, tangy
cheese, chocolate, fruit, lemon, mint, nutty, etc.
artificial (AmE) (usually artificial flavouring in BrE)

It has a very mild flavour.

keep, retain

Delicate herbs keep their flavour better when frozen.

add, give sth, impart, lend (sth), provide

a spice that gives a characteristic flavour to a range of dishes

herbs that add flavour to a range of dishes

bring out, enhance, improve, release

The lemon juice brings out the natural fruit flavours.

Bay leaves should be broken to release their flavour.


Cooking the vegetable destroys its wonderful delicate flavour.

appreciate, enjoy, savour/savor, taste

Enjoy the flavour of fresh fish.


Salt is a common flavour enhancer.

for flavour

Cream may be added to the sauce for extra flavour.

in flavour

It is stronger in flavour than other Dutch cheeses.

with a flavour

a dish with a strong spicy flavour

full of flavour

vegetables that are fresh and full of flavour

2 particular quality/atmosphere
distinctive, particular, unique

The festival has a strong international flavour.

international, local, regional

The festival has a strong international flavour.

American, Scandinavian, etc.

The college has a truly international flavour.

acquire, take on

The music festival has taken on a distinctly German flavour.

add, give sth, impart, provide

The intervention of the authorities gave union struggles a decidedly political flavour.

experience, get

The children experienced the flavour of medieval life.

She rotated around the departments to get a flavour of all aspects of the business.

appreciate, enjoy

The movie captures the flavour of rural life in this area.

with a … flavour

a TV show with a Mexican flavour

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