Final-round is used with these nouns: ↑victory, ↑win

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  • Final Round - WWII miniatures wargame — Final Round is a set of rules for World War II miniatures wargaming. The rules only handle small encounters between platoon sized infantry units. Additional rulesets integrate tank and gun pieces as supportive elements for the infantry. The total …   Wikipedia

  • Belgian Second Division Final Round — The Belgian Second Division Final Round is the name of the playoff part of the Belgian Second Division. It is a contested by four teams, the winner being promoted to the first division.EligibilityThe 34 regular season games are grouped into 3… …   Wikipedia

  • Belgian Second Division Final Round 2001-2010 — This page gives a summary of results for the Belgian Second Division Final Round during the 2000s.2001Results and table width= 25% width= 25% width= 25% width= 25% width= 25% width= 25% width= 25% width= 25% 2009QualifiersThe following teams will …   Wikipedia

  • 2002 FIFA World Cup qualification - CONCACAF final round — In the Final Round, the top 3 teams in the table qualify to the 2002 FIFA World Cup. TableResultsfootballbox date = February 28, 2001 team1 = fb rt|JAM score = 1 ndash; 0 report = [… …   Wikipedia

  • round — round1 W2S2 [raund] adv, prep especially BrE also around 1.) surrounding or on all sides of something or someone ▪ We sat round the table playing cards. ▪ Gather round! I have an important announcement to make. ▪ He put his arm gently round her… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • Final (competition) — The final of a competition is the match or round in which the winner of the entire event is decided.In sports competitions following a knockout system, where only two individuals or teams compete in each match, the final is usually played between …   Wikipedia

  • final — 01. All the students were dressed up for the [final] banquet. 02. Our [final] exams start in about two weeks. 03. Her [final] mark was just over 80%. 04. The results of the next race will decide who will be in the [finals]. 05. My decision is …   Grammatical examples in English

  • Final Fight — North American arcade flyer for Final Fight Developer(s) Capcom Publ …   Wikipedia

  • Final Fantasy IX — Developer(s) Square Publisher(s) …   Wikipedia

  • 'Round Springfield — The Simpsons episode Bleeding Gums in his hospital bed, along with Lisa and Dr. Hibbert. Episode no. 125 Prod. code …   Wikipedia

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