Figure-hugging is used with these nouns: ↑dress

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  • figure-hugging — ADJ Figure hugging clothes fit very close to the body of the person who is wearing them. Figure hugging is usually used to describe clothes worn by women. ...figure hugging cocktail dresses …   English dictionary

  • figure-hugging — figˈure hugging adjective Denoting a tight piece of clothing which emphasizes the contours of the body • • • Main Entry: ↑figure * * * ˈfigure hugging 8 [figure hugging] adjective usually before noun ( …   Useful english dictionary

  • figure-hugging — adjective (of a garment) fitting closely to the contours of a woman s body …   English new terms dictionary

  • -hugging — [[t] hʌgɪŋ[/t]] COMB in ADJ: usu ADJ n hugging combines with nouns to form adjectives which describe an item of clothing that fits very tightly and clearly reveals the shape of your body. ...a figure hugging dress. ...hip hugging flares …   English dictionary

  • hug — hug1 [hʌg] v past tense and past participle hugged present participle hugging [T] [Date: 1500 1600; Origin: Probably from a Scandinavian language] 1.) to put your arms around someone and hold them tightly to show love or friendship = ↑embrace ▪… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • Fashions — ▪ 2009       The faltering global economy determined the direction of fashion during 2008. Initially, the euro s significant appreciation against the dollar proved a boon to style conscious travelers who, visiting the U.S. from abroad as the year …   Universalium

  • History of fashion design — The first fashion designer who was not merely a dressmaker was (Charles Frederick Worth) (1826–1895). Before the former draper set up his maison couture fashion house in Paris, fashion creation and inspiration was handled by largely unknown… …   Wikipedia

  • dress — /dres/, n., adj., v., dressed or drest, dressing. n. 1. an outer garment for women and girls, consisting of bodice and skirt in one piece. 2. clothing; apparel; garb: The dress of the 18th century was colorful. 3. formal attire. 4. a particular… …   Universalium

  • 1930-1945 in fashion — [ right|thumb|250px|Actress Mary Pickford with President Herbert Hoover, 1931] Fa from the 1930s to the end of World War II. The most characteristic fashion trend of the period is attention at the shoulder, with butterfly sleeves and banjo… …   Wikipedia

  • 1930–1945 in fashion — Actress Mary Pickford with President Herbert Hoover, 1931 The most characteristic North American fashion trend from the 1930s to the end of World War II was attention at the shoulder, with butterfly sleeves and banjo sleeves, and exaggerated… …   Wikipedia

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