1 well-known
be, feel, look, seem, smell, sound

The place felt faintly familiar to me.

make sth
extremely, fairly, very, etc.

His face looked awfully familiar.

faintly, reasonably, vaguely

The report's conclusions were already familiar enough to the government.

immediately, instantly

His face was instantly familiar, even after all those years.


a name that was somehow familiar

curiously, eerily, oddly, strangely

Her face looked strangely familiar.


The kitchen smelled warm and inviting and comfortingly familiar.

all too, depressingly, hauntingly (esp. AmE), horribly (esp. BrE), painfully, sickeningly

a situation which has become all too familiar to most teachers


The name sounded vaguely familiar to her.

2 familiar with sth having a good knowledge of sth
be, seem
become, get, grow

I was now getting much more familiar with the local area.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.
completely, fully, thoroughly

You will need to be thoroughly familiar with our procedures.


I'm not overly familiar with these issues.


Anyone even remotely familiar with Germany knows that beer plays a significant role in its culture.

Familiar is used with these nouns: ↑ache, ↑complaint, ↑dilemma, ↑example, ↑face, ↑feeling, ↑figure, ↑ground, ↑image, ↑landmark, ↑melody, ↑name, ↑object, ↑odour, ↑pang, ↑pattern, ↑phrase, ↑refrain, ↑routine, ↑scenario, ↑scene, ↑scent, ↑sensation, ↑shape, ↑sight, ↑smell, ↑sound, ↑story, ↑surroundings, ↑tale, ↑terrain, ↑territory, ↑theme, ↑tune, ↑turf, ↑voice

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