fall apart

phr verb
Fall apart is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑coalition, ↑deal, ↑empire, ↑marriage, ↑world

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  • fall apart — ► fall apart (or to pieces) informal lose one s capacity to cope. Main Entry: ↑fall …   English terms dictionary

  • fall apart — index decay, degenerate Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • fall apart — phrasal verb [intransitive] Word forms fall apart : present tense I/you/we/they fall apart he/she/it falls apart present participle falling apart past tense fell apart past participle fallen apart 1) to break because of being old or badly made I… …   English dictionary

  • fall apart — 1. to stop working or fail completely. Her marriage fell apart after about ten years. The deal to sell the company fell apart last summer. 2. to break into pieces. Cook the tomatoes until they begin to fall apart. When the roof wasn t repaired,… …   New idioms dictionary

  • fall apart — verb 1. lose one s emotional or mental composure She fell apart when her only child died • Syn: ↑go to pieces • Hypernyms: ↑break down, ↑lose it, ↑snap • Verb Frames …   Useful english dictionary

  • fall apart — verb a) To break into pieces through being in a dilapidated state. My old briefcase is falling apart. Ill have to buy a new one. b) To be emotionally in crisis. As a result of being addicted to heroin, she was falling apart. Syn: break, brea …   Wiktionary

  • fall apart — the old teacup fell apart in my hands Syn: fall to pieces, fall to bits, come apart (at the seams); disintegrate, fragment, break up, break apart, crumble, decay, perish; informal bust …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • fall apart — 1) PHRASAL VERB If something falls apart, it breaks into pieces because it is old or badly made. [V P] The work was never finished and bit by bit the building fell apart. 2) PHRASAL VERB If an organization or system falls apart, it becomes… …   English dictionary

  • fall apart — (at the seams) be unable to cope or manage, come unglued    After his wife died, he fell apart. He lost interest in everything …   English idioms

  • fall apart — Old actors never die, they just drop apart …   English expressions

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