opposite, polar

Their views are at opposite extremes from each other.


She has taken cleanliness to a new extreme.

climatic, political, temperature

It's a difficult place to live because of its climatic extremes.


Avoid any extremes of temperature.

go to, reach

There is no need to go to such extremes.

carry sth to, take sth to

It's foolish to take any dieting to extremes.

at an/the extreme

At the extreme, some nuclear waste is so radioactive it has to be kept isolated for thousands of years.

between extremes

There has to be a solution between these extremes.

in the extreme

His voice was scornful in the extreme.

to the extreme

She was always generous to the extreme.

extremes of

These photographs show extremes of obesity and emaciation.

at one extreme, at the other extreme

At the other extreme, women still childless at 32 were more likely to be from a professional background.

go from one extreme to the other

She goes from one extreme to the other, and either works very hard or does absolutely nothing.

go to the opposite extreme, go to the other extreme

After always putting too much salt in her cooking, she went to the opposite extreme and banished it completely.

appear, seem, sound
consider sth
particularly, really, very
a bit, fairly, a little, quite, rather, somewhat

Some of his views seem rather extreme.

at its most extreme

This is hero-worship at its most extreme.

Extreme is used with these nouns: ↑agitation, ↑agony, ↑altitude, ↑brutality, ↑care, ↑case, ↑caution, ↑circumstance, ↑climate, ↑close-up, ↑cold, ↑complexity, ↑condition, ↑corner, ↑cruelty, ↑danger, ↑degree, ↑delicacy, ↑deprivation, ↑difficulty, ↑disappointment, ↑discomfort, ↑dislike, ↑displeasure, ↑distaste, ↑distress, ↑drought, ↑emergency, ↑emotion, ↑end, ↑environment, ↑envy, ↑example, ↑excitement, ↑exertion, ↑exhaustion, ↑fatigue, ↑form, ↑gravity, ↑hardship, ↑heat, ↑hostility, ↑hunger, ↑imbalance, ↑importance, ↑instance, ↑jealousy, ↑left, ↑limit, ↑manifestation, ↑measure, ↑nationalism, ↑nationalist, ↑nervousness, ↑old age, ↑pain, ↑paranoia, ↑politics, ↑position, ↑poverty, ↑precision, ↑provocation, ↑reaction, ↑reluctance, ↑repression, ↑right, ↑scepticism, ↑sensitivity, ↑shyness, ↑simplicity, ↑sport, ↑stress, ↑subtlety, ↑tactic, ↑temperature, ↑tiredness, ↑top, ↑type, ↑urgency, ↑variability, ↑variation, ↑version, ↑view, ↑violence, ↑vulnerability, ↑weather, ↑wing, ↑youth

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