full, greatest, maximum, overall

The overall extent of civilian casualties remained unclear.

actual, exact, precise, true
geographical, territorial

The network had reached its greatest extent in route mileage.

consider, examine, explore, investigate
assess, calculate, estimate, evaluate, gauge, judge, measure
define, determine, establish, identify

a statement defining the extent of Latvia's territory

acknowledge, appreciate, realize, recognize
know, understand

We do not yet know the extent of her injuries.

demonstrate, illustrate, indicate, make clear, reflect, reveal, show

The operation revealed the extent of the cancer.

clarify, explain
emphasize, highlight, underline (esp. BrE), underscore (esp. AmE)

The victory underlined the extent to which Prussia had become a major power.

exaggerate, overstate

She was exaggerating the true extent of the problem.

downplay, understate

Those figures actually understate the extent of the problem.

overestimate, underestimate
conceal, obscure
limit, reduce, restrict

to reduce the extent of deforestation

in extent

The park is about 20 acres in extent.

to an extent

To an extent (= to some degree) East-West distrust continued throughout the war.

to a … extent

He had withdrawn from the company of his friends to an alarming extent.

at sth's greatest extent (esp. BrE)

At its greatest extent the empire comprised most of western France.

to a considerable extent, to a great extent, to a large extent, to a significant extent
to a certain extent, to some extent

To some extent, we are all responsible for this tragic situation.

to a lesser extent, to a limited extent, to a small extent

The pollution of the forest has seriously affected plant life and, to a lesser extent, wildlife.

to the extent possible (esp. AmE), to the fullest, greatest, maximum, etc. extent possible

I will answer your questions about this case to the extent possible.

to the same extent

People no longer live in small communities to the same extent as they used to.

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