1 way out
back, rear
east, south, etc.

He left through the south exit.


I walked through the school's main exit.

airport, school, etc.
emergency, fire
the nearest

She headed for the nearest exit.


I remember that there's a secret exit here.

head for, make for
bolt for, make a beeline for, make a dash for, run for, rush for
bar, block

Do not leave bags lying around which could block the emergency exits.

guard, watch
seal, seal off
door, gate, point
to the exit, towards/toward the exit

They moved towards/toward the exits.

exit from

the exit from the hall

exit to

an exit to the street

2 act of leaving
fast, hasty, quick, rapid, speedy, swift
abrupt, sudden

Carole's abrupt exit from their lives


emergency doors providing for easy exit in the event of a fire


She was trying to make a graceful exit from public life.


Then we made our grand exit.


The students made a dramatic exit toward the end of his speech.

early, premature

her early exit from the tournament, in only the second round

play-off (AmE, sports)

The team is likely to make a quick play-off exit.

first-round, second-round, etc. (sports)

She turned on her heel and made what she hoped was a dignified exit.


Exit polls showed that more than 70% of voters opposed the proposal.

plan, strategy

He was searching for an exit strategy.

exam (AmE)

You have to pass the exit exam in order to graduate.

interview (esp. AmE)

We go back and look at our exit interviews as to why people leave.

exit from

a mass exit of members from the party

3 for traffic ⇨ See also ↑junction
freeway, highway, interstate (all in the US)
motorway (in the UK)
northbound, southbound, etc. (BrE)
the next

I pulled off the road at the next exit.

get off at (AmE), take

You need to get off at the next exit.

Take the first exit over the bridge.

ramp (esp. AmE)

the number of entry and exit points on the main road network

exit for

The driver took the exit for LaGuardia.

exit to

They took the exit to the hospital.

Exit is used with these nouns as the object: ↑bankruptcy, ↑car, ↑carriage, ↑elevator, ↑restroom, ↑room, ↑train, ↑vehicle

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