1 state of existing
actual, real

El Cid's actual existence is not in doubt.

Since her illness, other people had no real existence for her.


the possible existence of life beyond Earth

continued, continuing, future
10-year, 50-year, etc.

over the course of his company's 20-year existence


The peasants depend on a good harvest for their very existence (= in order to continue to live).


The mere existence of these strange creatures fascinated him.

entire, whole

Throughout its entire existence, it has been a deeply contested concept.

autonomous, independent, separate

any organism capable of independent existence


the mystery of human existence

material, physical
earthly, mortal

Christianity taught that our earthly existence was merely a preparation for life after death.

be in

The idea has been in existence for centuries.


a virtual world that has no real existence

come into, pop into (AmE, informal), spring into

The organization came into existence ten years ago.

What are the chances of these molecules springing spontaneously into existence?

fade from, fade out of, go out of

There was a fear that the club might go out of existence for lack of support.

bring sth into, call sth into

They are striving to bring into existence a new kind of society.

be aware of, know of
be unaware of
affirm, assert
assume, posit, postulate, presuppose

The theory assumes the existence of a ‘meritocracy’—that there is equal opportunity for all.

accept, acknowledge, admit, admit to, believe in, recognize

He didn't believe in the existence of God.


She questioned the existence of God.

imply, indicate, suggest, support

There is research that strongly supports the existence of repressed memories.

discover, reveal
confirm, demonstrate, establish, prove, validate, verify

Scientists were able to verify the existence of this particle.


How do you explain the existence of closely related species in widely separated locations?

forget, ignore

The girl's parents continued to ignore her very existence.

endanger, jeopardize, threaten

Climate changes threaten the continued existence of the species.


He wanted to end his existence once and for all.


The school owed its existence to the generosity of one man.

ensure, guarantee

Let's battle on to maintain our existence.

be vital to

A super-efficient sense of smell is no longer vital to our existence.

depend on sth, depend upon sth

The company's existence depends on continued growth.

in existence

the only instrument of its kind in existence

the struggle for existence

Darwin viewed the struggle for existence as being the major promoter of evolution.

2 way of living
bare, hand-to-mouth, meagre/meager, miserable, precarious

He lived a hand-to-mouth existence in the less attractive areas of London.

comfortable, peaceful, quiet

She had lived such a sheltered existence.


a comfortable middle-class existence


his yearning for a more meaningful existence

boring, dull, humdrum, mundane
pathetic, pitiful, wretched
empty, isolated, lonely, solitary
rural, suburban, urban
daily, day-to-day, everyday
previous, prior

He claimed to be able to remember a previous existence.

enjoy, have, lead, live
eke out, endure

They eke out a precarious existence foraging in the forest.

a mode of existence

the transition from one mode of existence to another

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