1 reason given
perfect, wonderful
excellent, good, great, legitimate, valid
convincing, decent, plausible, reasonable

an acceptable excuse for missing school

bad, feeble, flimsy, lame, lousy (esp. AmE), pathetic, poor, weak (esp. AmE)
convenient, easy, handy

The children provided a convenient excuse for missing the party.

dumb (AmE), ridiculous, stupid

He made up some stupid excuse to the teachers.

standard, usual
built-in (AmE)

a built-in excuse for failure


What possible excuse could he have?


She seized on every excuse to avoid doing the work.

the slightest

He became moody and unreasonable, flailing out at Katherine at the slightest excuse.


He had no excuse for being so late.

give, make, offer

She made some feeble excuse about the car having broken down.

You don't have to make excuses for her (= try to think of reasons for her actions).

It's late. I'm afraid I'll have to make my excuses (= say I'm sorry, give my reasons and leave).

give sb, offer sb, provide (sb with)

Delivering the stuff for George gave me an excuse to take the car.

Her mother's illness provided her with an excuse to stay at home.

look for
create, find, invent, make up, think of, think up

She had to find a valid excuse for leaving the room.

He made up a rather lame excuse for the work being late.

use sth as

The political crisis is being used as an excuse to dock people's pay.

run out of

He's run out of excuses for not cleaning his room.


Don't let perfectionism become an excuse for never getting started.


Justin mumbled some excuse and left.

accept, believe, buy (informal, esp. AmE)

I don't want to hear any more excuses.

excuse about

He invented a pathetic excuse about losing his watch.

excuse for

It's just an excuse for a party.

there is no excuse for … 

There's no excuse for such conduct.

2 bad example of sth
lousy (esp. AmE), miserable, pathetic, pitiful, poor, sad, sorry (esp. AmE)

She's a pitiful excuse for an actress.

a sorry excuse for a man

excuse for

Why get involved with that pathetic excuse for a human being?

Excuse is used with these nouns as the object: ↑behaviour, ↑failure

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