beautifully, clearly, effectively, nicely, powerfully, successfully, vividly

The novel vividly evokes the life of the Irish in Australia.


Her face, though sad, still evoked a feeling of serenity.

attempt to, seek to, try to, want to
help (to)

products that help evoke an old-fashioned mood

be able to, manage to
seem to
be designed to, be intended to, be meant to

narrative techniques that are intended to evoke sympathy from the reader

use sth to

Music can be used to evoke childhood.

the ability to evoke sth, the power to evoke sth

the actor's ability to evoke a variety of emotions

Evoke is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑music, ↑painting, ↑word
Evoke is used with these nouns as the object: ↑association, ↑emotion, ↑feeling, ↑image, ↑imagery, ↑memory, ↑mood, ↑nostalgia, ↑pity, ↑response, ↑spectre, ↑sympathy

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