1 conditions of the place where you are

Cold-blooded animals depend on the temperature of their immediate environment.

alien, new, unfamiliar

marine life in its natural environment

changing, ever-changing (esp. AmE)
comfortable, protected, safe, secure, stable
friendly, supportive
hospitable, pleasant
clean, healthy
favourable/favorable, ideal

This period provided an ideal environment for the spread of communism.

uncertain, unstable
extreme, harsh, hostile

Walkers can unwittingly damage the fragile environment in which the birds live.

built, urban

the quality of our natural and built environments

cold, warm
aquatic, coastal, forest, marine, mountain
domestic, family, home

Children learn best in their home environment.

cultural, emotional, social
office, work, working, workplace

A comfortable working environment will increase productivity.

classroom, educational, learning, school, teaching, training
economic, financial

Investors are showing more caution in the current economic environment.

business, commercial, corporate

She now had to transfer her design skills to a commercial environment.

create, foster, provide

parents who strive to provide a stimulating environment for their children to grow up in

adapt to

creatures that have adapted to hostile desert environments

alter, change

The cat walked around, exploring its new environment.

in an/the environment

people working in increasingly competitive environments

environment for

an environment for economic growth

environment of

an environment of fear

an environment conducive to sth

The hospital architect tries to create an environment conducive to healing.

today's environment

In today's competitive business environment, companies focus on minimizing costs.

2 the environment the natural world
global, world
preserve, protect, safeguard, save

The government should do more to protect the environment.

clean up, improve
affect, have an impact on, impact (AmE)

factors that have a huge impact on the environment

damage, harm, pollute

industries which damage the environment

agency, committee, department, group (all esp. BrE)
chief (BrE), minister (esp. BrE)
spokesman, spokeswoman (both BrE)
correspondent, editor (both BrE)
policy (esp. BrE)
protection (esp. BrE)
in the environment

the amount of carbon in the environment

conservation of the environment, protection of the environment
damage to the environment

farming methods that minimize damage to the environment

harmful to the environment

The label identifies the products that are least harmful to the environment.

pollution of the environment

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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