be, seem

The long walk back seemed endless.

almost, nearly (esp. AmE)
practically, virtually
apparently, seemingly

a seemingly endless list of repairs to be carried out


a potentially endless sequence of repeated shapes

Endless is used with these nouns: ↑array, ↑barrage, ↑chatter, ↑conversation, ↑corridor, ↑cycle, ↑debate, ↑energy, ↑expanse, ↑fascination, ↑flow, ↑list, ↑litigation, ↑loop, ↑meeting, ↑ocean, ↑patience, ↑pleasure, ↑possibility, ↑procession, ↑pursuit, ↑quest, ↑queue, ↑repetition, ↑replay, ↑round, ↑row, ↑sea, ↑series, ↑speculation, ↑stream, ↑struggle, ↑succession, ↑suffering, ↑supply, ↑toil, ↑trouble, ↑variation, ↑variety, ↑void, ↑wait, ↑whirl

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