We ate very well most of the time (= had lots of nice food).

a lot, enough, too much

He's not eating enough.

healthfully (AmE), healthily, properly, sensibly

I'm trying to eat more healthily.

She doesn't eat sensibly (= doesn't eat food that is good for her).

hungrily, ravenously

Barton did not feel very hungry and ate sparingly.

barely, hardly

He'd barely eaten any breakfast.

quickly, slowly
in silence, quietly, silently

Everyone happily ate the huge meal.

alone, together
find sth to, get (yourself) sth to, grab sth to, have sth to

Do you have anything to eat?

have enough to
try and, try to

Try and eat something. It will do you good.

a bite to eat (= some food)

Do you want to grab a bite to eat?

eat and drink

Go and get yourself something to eat and drink.

eat like a horse (= eat a lot)

She's very thin but she eats like a horse!

eat sb out of house and home

He's eating us out of house and home (= eating a lot of our food).

go eat (esp. AmE)

Let's go eat.

good enough to eat (figurative)

You look good enough to eat!

go out to eat

We went out to eat for a Chinese New Year celebration.

a place to eat (= a cafe or restaurant)

Are you looking for a place to eat?

sit down to eat

We eventually sat down to eat at 8.30 p.m.

Eat is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑lion
Eat is used with these nouns as the object: ↑apple, ↑avocado, ↑banana, ↑beef, ↑berry, ↑biscuit, ↑bowl, ↑bun, ↑cake, ↑calorie, ↑candy, ↑carbohydrate, ↑carrot, ↑cereal, ↑chicken, ↑chip, ↑chop, ↑coconut, ↑corn, ↑crisp, ↑cuisine, ↑dessert, ↑diet, ↑dish, ↑fat, ↑feast, ↑fish, ↑flesh, ↑food, ↑fruit, ↑grape, ↑grass, ↑ham, ↑helping, ↑ice cream, ↑jelly, ↑lunch, ↑meat, ↑morsel, ↑mouthful, ↑orange, ↑pasta, ↑pea, ↑portion, ↑potato, ↑produce, ↑ration, ↑salad, ↑salmon, ↑sandwich, ↑sausage, ↑seafood, ↑slice, ↑snack, ↑soup, ↑starter, ↑steak, ↑sweet, ↑thing, ↑tomato, ↑vegetables, ↑wheat, ↑word

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