1 untidy state; lack of order
throw sth into

The country was thrown into disorder by the strikes.

in disorder

He died suddenly, leaving his financial affairs in complete disorder.

a state of disorder
2 violent behaviour/behavior
serious (esp. BrE)
violent (esp. BrE)
alcohol-related, drink-related (both BrE)

the pressures on police caused by drink-related disorder

civil, crowd (BrE), public (esp. BrE), social
youth (BrE)

problems of youth disorder in our cities

outbreak (esp. BrE)

There have been outbreaks of serious public disorder.

create, lead to

Troops were sent in to quell the disorder.

combat, curb, tackle (all esp. BrE)

The initiative aims to tackle alcohol-related disorder in towns.

tolerate (esp. BrE)

The police will not tolerate disorder of any kind on our streets.


new restrictions aimed at preventing social disorder

3 illness
serious, severe
common, rare
genetic, inherited
blood, brain, etc.
circulatory, eating, etc.

Anorexia is a common eating disorder.

behavioural/behavioral, emotional, mental, nervous, neurological, personality, psychiatric, psychological
attention deficit, bipolar, obsessive compulsive, post-traumatic stress, seasonal affective, etc.
have, suffer from

She suffers from a rare blood disorder.


Some people develop psychological disorders as a result of trauma.


the argument that thin models in magazines cause eating disorders


Consumption of fatty acids may help prevent the disorder.


Her doctor diagnosed a thyroid disorder.

affect sth

disorders affecting the very old, such as senile dementia

disorder of

disorders of the digestive system

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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