1 slight pain
acute (esp. BrE), considerable, extreme, great, severe

He became conscious of a growing discomfort.

little, mild, minimal, minor, slight

You may experience some slight discomfort after the operation.

bodily, physical
abdominal, chest, etc.
amount, degree
complain of, experience, feel, get, have, suffer

Some of the patients complained of discomfort.

I didn't have much discomfort after the operation.

ease, lessen, minimize, reduce, relieve

Not eating late at night should help to relieve the discomfort.

in discomfort

He appeared to be in great discomfort.

with discomfort, without discomfort

You should be able to drive without discomfort after about two weeks.

pain and discomfort, pain or discomfort
the discomfort associated with sth

the discomfort associated with wearing a wig

2 embarrassment
a little, slight

The revelations caused some discomfort to the president.


Paula smiled, enjoying her sister's discomfort.

notice, sense

Sensing her discomfort, he apologized for mentioning her boyfriend.


I tried not to show my discomfort with the situation.

grow, increase
a sense of discomfort

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