1 type of table
big, huge, large, massive
leather-topped, metal, wooden
mahogany, oak, etc.

The empty desk suggested she had already gone home.

cluttered, messy, untidy (esp. BrE)
office, school
sit at
get up from, leave

He got up from his desk and went to the window.

clean, clean out, clear

My desk gets very cluttered if I don't clear it at the end of each day.

arrive on, cross, hit, land on

A very strange request landed on my desk this morning.

cover, litter

Papers littered the desk and the floor.

drawer, top
calendar (esp. AmE), diary (BrE)
chair, lamp, phone

a computer which takes up less desk space

jockey (= someone who works at a desk) (AmE, informal)
at a/the desk

He was sitting at his desk working when we got home.

behind a/the desk

The manager sat frowning behind his desk throughout the whole interview.

on a/the desk

I left the file on your desk.

2 place in a building where a service is provided
front, main, reception

Leave your valuables at the reception desk.

cash (BrE), check-in, help, information, reference, registration, security, service, support (esp. AmE), trading

She paid for the book at the cash desk.

Staff experiencing problems with their computers should call the help desk.

anchor (= where a television presenter sits) (AmE), copy (= where news text is edited) (AmE)

She called the front desk to let them know that he would be arriving.

man, run, work (AmE)

I worked the front desk as one of my first jobs.

clerk (AmE), officer, staff

They put me on desk duty for a month.

at the … desk

There was a long wait at the check-in desk.

on the … desk

We asked the man on the information desk for a map of the city.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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