considerable, enormous (esp. BrE), lengthy, long, major, serious, significant, substantial

After a considerable delay, the government has agreed to accept the recommendations.

five-minute, six-month, two-hour, etc.
excessive (esp. BrE), inordinate (esp. BrE), undue (esp. BrE), unnecessary

Undue delays have been caused by people not doing their jobs properly.

inevitable, unavoidable
brief, short, slight
minimal, minimum
unexpected, unforeseen

The building project has been plagued by bureaucratic delays.

airport, flight, traffic, travel

There is a five-minute time delay on the bank's safe.


After a series of lengthy delays, the case finally came to court.

be subject to (esp. BrE)

Flights to New York may be subject to delay.

be plagued by, encounter, experience, face, suffer

Passengers have experienced long delays.

The project has been plagued by delays.

cause, lead to

The strike has led to some delays in train services.

avoid, eliminate, minimize, prevent, reduce

Please address your letters properly so as to reduce delays.

apologize for

I apologize for the delay in replying to you.


Passengers complain about lack of information when travel delays occur.

without delay

Please send him the information without delay.

delay in

delays in getting to the airport

delay of

a delay of several weeks

delay to

further delays to the plan

seriously, significantly, substantially

Mellanby's arrival was seriously delayed by a late train.

These drugs can significantly delay the onset of the disease.

unduly (esp. BrE)
slightly, somewhat
Delay is used with these nouns as the object: ↑announcement, ↑arrival, ↑completion, ↑decision, ↑delivery, ↑departure, ↑development, ↑election, ↑entry, ↑execution, ↑flight, ↑implementation, ↑introduction, ↑launch, ↑legislation, ↑onset, ↑payment, ↑publication, ↑recovery, ↑reform, ↑release, ↑retirement, ↑return, ↑vote

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