dramatic, drastic, great, large, marked, sharp, significant, substantial

There has been a sharp decrease in pollution since the law was introduced.

modest, slight, small
gradual, progressive, steady
rapid, sudden
corresponding, relative

Fewer houses are available, but there is no corresponding decrease in demand.

general, overall
threefold, tenfold, etc.
5%, 25%, etc.
demonstrate, display, exhibit, indicate, reveal, show

This year's figures show a decrease of 30% on last year.

experience, have, suffer

It is not uncommon to experience a decrease in confidence after a divorce.


Half the companies in the survey reported a decrease in sales.

cause, lead to, produce, result in
on the decrease

Marriage is still on the decrease.

decrease from … to … 

a decrease from 62% to just under half

decrease in

The new treatment led to a huge decrease in the number of deaths.

decrease of

a decrease of 20%

considerably, dramatically, drastically, greatly, markedly, sharply, significantly, substantially
slightly, somewhat

Spending has decreased slightly this year.

progressively, steadily
gradually, slowly

Crime has decreased by 20%.

from, to

Average family size has decreased from five to three children.


The number of quarrels among children decreases with age.

decrease in number, size, value, etc.

The heart gradually decreases in size.

Decrease is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑amount, ↑concentration, ↑confidence, ↑consumption, ↑deficit, ↑density, ↑emission, ↑incidence, ↑length, ↑level, ↑mortality, ↑output, ↑percentage, ↑population, ↑productivity, ↑proportion, ↑rate, ↑size, ↑speed, ↑value, ↑velocity, ↑volume, ↑width
Decrease is used with these nouns as the object: ↑amount, ↑appetite, ↑blood pressure, ↑chance, ↑concentration, ↑cost, ↑diversity, ↑dosage, ↑duration, ↑effectiveness, ↑efficiency, ↑force, ↑frequency, ↑incidence, ↑intake, ↑intensity, ↑level, ↑likelihood, ↑mortality, ↑number, ↑per cent, ↑point, ↑probability, ↑production, ↑productivity, ↑rate, ↑recurrence, ↑reliance, ↑risk, ↑size, ↑stress, ↑temperature, ↑use, ↑voltage, ↑volume, ↑vulnerability, ↑width

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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