1 continuous flowing movement of water
fast, fast-flowing, powerful, strong, swift
cold, warm
dangerous, treacherous
ocean, water

The prevailing current flows from east to west.

carry sb/sth, sweep sb/sth

The strong current carried the boat downstream.

She was swept away by the treacherous currents.

against a/the current

He was swimming against the current.

in a/the current

The boat was carried along in the current.

with a/the current

It's easier to go with the current.

2 flow of air
air, wind

Birds of prey use warm air currents to lift them high in the sky.

a current of air
3 flow of electricity through a wire
high, strong
low, weak
electric, electrical
alternating, direct
input, inward
output, outward
generate, induce, produce
carry, conduct, pass, transmit
switch off, switch on

Check all your wiring before switching on the current.

flow, pass through sth

Measure the current flowing in the wire.

Current is used with these nouns: ↑account, ↑affair, ↑asset, ↑boyfriend, ↑chairman, ↑champion, ↑chief executive, ↑circumstance, ↑client, ↑climate, ↑consensus, ↑consumption, ↑context, ↑contract, ↑controversy, ↑craze, ↑crisis, ↑curriculum vitae, ↑customer, ↑debate, ↑decade, ↑demand, ↑doctrine, ↑document, ↑dogma, ↑driving licence, ↑edition, ↑emphasis, ↑employer, ↑estimate, ↑event, ↑evidence, ↑expansion, ↑expenditure, ↑fad, ↑fascination, ↑fashion, ↑form, ↑furore, ↑generation, ↑girlfriend, ↑government, ↑home, ↑impasse, ↑incarnation, ↑inhabitant, ↑initiative, ↑interest, ↑issue, ↑jargon, ↑job, ↑knowledge, ↑literature, ↑mania, ↑mayor, ↑month, ↑mood, ↑move, ↑obsession, ↑occupant, ↑occupation, ↑offering, ↑orthodoxy, ↑output, ↑owner, ↑parliament, ↑phase, ↑plight, ↑popularity, ↑position, ↑practice, ↑predicament, ↑preoccupation, ↑president, ↑projection, ↑quarter, ↑record, ↑regime, ↑regulation, ↑requirement, ↑research, ↑residence, ↑revival, ↑rule, ↑ruler, ↑salary, ↑scandal, ↑schedule, ↑session, ↑shortage, ↑single, ↑situation, ↑slang, ↑slump, ↑stalemate, ↑standard, ↑standing, ↑state, ↑status, ↑study, ↑system, ↑technology, ↑tenant, ↑theory, ↑thinking, ↑total, ↑trend, ↑trouble, ↑turmoil, ↑uncertainty, ↑usage, ↑use, ↑user, ↑valuation, ↑version, ↑view, ↑vogue, ↑wave, ↑whereabouts, ↑year

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