Cultural is used with these nouns: ↑acceptance, ↑achievement, ↑activity, ↑affair, ↑alienation, ↑allusion, ↑amenity, ↑anthropology, ↑arena, ↑aspect, ↑aspiration, ↑asset, ↑association, ↑assumption, ↑attitude, ↑attribute, ↑autonomy, ↑awareness, ↑background, ↑baggage, ↑barometer, ↑barrier, ↑belief, ↑bias, ↑capital, ↑centre, ↑change, ↑characteristic, ↑chauvinism, ↑climate, ↑commentator, ↑competence, ↑conflict, ↑conformity, ↑connotation, ↑consciousness, ↑conservatism, ↑conservative, ↑context, ↑continuity, ↑convention, ↑cooperation, ↑creativity, ↑critic, ↑criticism, ↑currency, ↑desert, ↑difference, ↑dimension, ↑diplomacy, ↑distinction, ↑diversity, ↑divide, ↑division, ↑dominance, ↑domination, ↑elite, ↑emphasis, ↑encounter, ↑environment, ↑evolution, ↑exchange, ↑expectation, ↑experience, ↑explanation, ↑expression, ↑fashion, ↑ferment, ↑festival, ↑force, ↑gap, ↑genocide, ↑geography, ↑group, ↑gulf, ↑heritage, ↑hero, ↑historian, ↑history, ↑horizon, ↑icon, ↑ideal, ↑identity, ↑ideology, ↑imagination, ↑impact, ↑imperialism, ↑importance, ↑influence, ↑innovation, ↑insensitivity, ↑institution, ↑isolation, ↑landscape, ↑leadership, ↑legacy, ↑life, ↑link, ↑literacy, ↑mainstream, ↑manifestation, ↑meaning, ↑memory, ↑minority, ↑mix, ↑mythology, ↑nationalism, ↑norm, ↑nuance, ↑past, ↑perception, ↑perspective, ↑phenomenon, ↑politics, ↑practice, ↑preference, ↑prejudice, ↑pursuit, ↑reference, ↑renewal, ↑resource, ↑restraint, ↑revival, ↑revolution, ↑root, ↑rule, ↑scene, ↑sensitivity, ↑setting, ↑shift, ↑significance, ↑similarity, ↑snobbery, ↑sophistication, ↑sphere, ↑stereotype, ↑study, ↑superiority, ↑symbol, ↑system, ↑taboo, ↑taste, ↑term, ↑tie, ↑tourism, ↑tradition, ↑trait, ↑transformation, ↑transmission, ↑treasure, ↑trend, ↑understanding, ↑uniformity, ↑unity, ↑upbringing, ↑upheaval, ↑vacuum, ↑value, ↑vandalism, ↑variation, ↑vitality, ↑watershed

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