Clean is used after these nouns: ↑spring
effectively, well

This product cleans baths very effectively.


Ceramic tiles can be easily cleaned.

properly, thoroughly

I clean the house thoroughly once a week.

carefully, gently

He gently cleaned the wound and dressed it.

out, up

I cleaned out all the cupboards.


She wiped her foot to clean away the blood.

from, off

I cleaned the mud off the kitchen floor.


Clean the glass with a soft cloth.

freshly cleaned

The freshly cleaned windows sparkled.

need cleaning

Your shoes need cleaning!

Clean is used with these nouns as the object: ↑apartment, ↑bathroom, ↑blackboard, ↑brush, ↑carpet, ↑chimney, ↑closet, ↑contact lens, ↑cut, ↑desk, ↑dish, ↑ear, ↑exterior, ↑fish, ↑floor, ↑glass, ↑glasses, ↑graffiti, ↑house, ↑nail, ↑oven, ↑painting, ↑plate, ↑room, ↑shoe, ↑stall, ↑tank, ↑tooth, ↑window, ↑windscreen, ↑wing, ↑wound
be, look, seem, smell

The room smelled clean and fresh.


The bathroom doesn't stay clean for long.

brush sth, get sth, scrape sth, scrub sth, wash, wipe sth

I scrubbed the floor to get it clean.

She wiped all the surfaces clean.

leave sth

Please leave the kitchen clean.

keep sth

You're supposed to keep your room clean.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.
completely, perfectly, totally
reasonably, relatively
immaculately, spotlessly

The whole house was spotlessly clean.

almost, nearly

It's almost clean. I just have to wipe the table.

clean and tidy (esp. BrE), neat and clean (AmE)

His room is always clean and tidy/neat and clean.

lovely and clean (BrE), nice and clean

The water was lovely and clean.

Clean is used with these nouns: ↑air, ↑bandage, ↑break, ↑catch, ↑clothes, ↑coal, ↑conscience, ↑copy, ↑cut, ↑dish, ↑dressing, ↑driving licence, ↑election, ↑electricity, ↑energy, ↑environment, ↑fight, ↑floor, ↑fuel, ↑fun, ↑hand, ↑handkerchief, ↑image, ↑kill, ↑kitchen, ↑laundry, ↑linen, ↑look, ↑nappy, ↑needle, ↑pair, ↑plate, ↑rag, ↑record, ↑room, ↑shave, ↑sheet, ↑shirt, ↑shot, ↑sock, ↑sound, ↑straw, ↑street, ↑syringe, ↑towel, ↑underwear, ↑water, ↑window, ↑wound
Clean is used with these verbs: ↑forget

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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