1 period of your life when you are young

nostalgia for her lost youth

misspent (often humorous)

His lack of qualifications was taken as a sign of a misspent youth.


She spent much of her youth in Hong Kong.

recapture, relive

She saw it as a chance to relive her misspent youth.


He wasted his youth in front of a computer screen.

during your youth

She contracted the disease during her youth.

from youth

from youth to maturity

in your youth

He started going clubbing in his early youth.

since your youth

I haven't danced since my youth!

throughout your youth

He played football throughout his youth.

not in the first flush of youth (esp. BrE)

Though no longer in the first flush of youth she's still remarkably energetic.

2 being young
comparative, extreme (both esp. BrE)

Her extreme youth was against her.


in search of eternal youth


You still have your youth—that's the main thing.

the fountain of youth (figurative)

The new cream is marketed as the fountain of youth.

3 young person
black, white
callow, impressionable, innocent

He was a callow youth when he joined the newspaper.

spotty (BrE)

She's going out with some spotty youth.

fresh-faced (esp. BrE)
gangling (esp. BrE), gangly (esp. AmE), lanky
at-risk, high-risk, troubled
gang (esp. BrE), group
4 young people

the aspirations of modern youth

inner-city, street (AmE), urban
gay, Hispanic, Muslim
delinquent, disaffected
gilded (BrE), privileged

a program to educate our youth on the causes of health problems


The website targets unemployed youth.

culture, subculture
centre/center, club, group, movement, organization
outreach (esp. AmE), programme/program (esp. AmE), scheme (BrE), work (esp. BrE)

youth outreach programs run by the charity

audience, market
sport (esp. BrE), sports (esp. AmE)
coach, team
basketball, football, hockey, etc.
band, orchestra
coordinator, leader, worker
minister, pastor (both AmE)
employment, training, unemployment
court, crime, custody (BrE)

a crackdown on youth crime

camp, hostel
the country's youth, the nation's youth
the youth of today, today's youth

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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