1 all of sth
comprise, cover, embrace, encompass, involve, span

The project involved the whole of the university.

fill, occupy, take up

The library takes up the whole of the first floor.

permeate, pervade

Technology permeates the whole of our lives.

2 complete thing
coherent, cohesive, harmonious, homogeneous, integrated, organized, seamless

She was struggling to organize her ideas into a coherent whole.

one, single

The text must be seen as part of a larger whole.


The author examines each aspect of Roman society, then attempts to summarize the complex whole.

meaningful, satisfying

At this age, babies do not yet combine sounds into a meaningful whole.

collective, social
form, make, make up

He tried to fit the pieces of evidence together to make a coherent whole.

as a whole

Unemployment is higher in the north than in the country as a whole.

Whole is used with these nouns: ↑affair, ↑almond, ↑array, ↑atmosphere, ↑basis, ↑batch, ↑battery, ↑body, ↑building, ↑business, ↑charade, ↑concept, ↑continent, ↑crowd, ↑cycle, ↑decade, ↑document, ↑earth, ↑evening, ↑existence, ↑experience, ↑face, ↑family, ↑food, ↑fortnight, ↑future, ↑gamut, ↑generation, ↑grain, ↑herd, ↑idea, ↑incident, ↑issue, ↑length, ↑life, ↑lifetime, ↑lot, ↑mess, ↑milk, ↑minute, ↑month, ↑mystery, ↑nation, ↑neighbourhood, ↑night, ↑note, ↑number, ↑oats, ↑ordeal, ↑package, ↑picture, ↑point, ↑purpose, ↑range, ↑realm, ↑region, ↑saga, ↑self, ↑semester, ↑sentence, ↑sequence, ↑series, ↑set, ↑situation, ↑society, ↑soul, ↑spectrum, ↑story, ↑succession, ↑tenor, ↑thing, ↑thrust, ↑truth, ↑universe, ↑wardrobe, ↑wealth, ↑week, ↑wheat, ↑width, ↑workforce, ↑world, ↑year

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