waiter, waitress

1 waiter/waitress

She ordered a large vodka from a passing waiter.

beckon, beckon to, call, call over, signal to, summon, wave over (esp. AmE)

He casually waved over the waitress and settled the bill.


We ended up tipping our waiter 20%.

arrive with sth, bring (sb) sth, serve (sb) sth

A waitress arrived with the wine they had ordered.

come back, come over

The waiter came to clear the plates.


Lunch is a buffet meal, while dinner is waiter service.

catch the waiter's/waitress's eye

I tried to catch the waiter's eye to ask for our bill.

2 waiter

the head waiter in a large restaurant

drinks (BrE), wine (esp. BrE) (usually sommelier in AmE)

He worked as a singing waiter.

3 waitress
diner (AmE)

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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