frequent, regular

First-time visitors to Spain are often surprised by how late people eat.

surprise, unexpected
uninvited, unwanted, unwelcome
potential, prospective

The latest crime figures are likely to put off prospective visitors to the city.

foreign, international, overseas
business (esp. BrE), holiday (BrE)
museum, park
home, hospital, prison (all esp. BrE)
health (BrE)

The baby's weight is monitored by the health visitor.

site, website
get, have, receive

Do you get many visitors?


I could see he was expecting visitors.

greet, welcome

The front room was used mainly for entertaining visitors.

attract, bring, bring in, draw, lure

The festival brings 5 000 visitors to the town every year.

deter (esp. BrE)

The lack of facilities in the town may deter the casual visitor.


The college only admits visitors in organized groups.

come, flock, turn up (BrE)

Visitors flocked to see the show.

be interested in sth
bureau (AmE), centre/center

Pick up a free map of the town from the visitor centre/center.

encourage visitors to do sth, invite visitors to do sth

Visitors are invited to browse around the farm site.

give visitors sth, offer visitors sth

The museum gives visitors a glimpse of the composer's life.

visitor from

Visitors from Ireland will find much that reminds them of home.

visitor to

visitors to the museum

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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