television, TV
cable, satellite

Most cable viewers have a few channels that they watch regularly.


The first series is probably the one best remembered by fans and casual viewers alike.

avid, loyal, regular
adult, young
average, typical

Many producers have a low opinion of the average viewer's intelligence.

contemporary, modern
armchair (esp. BrE), home (AmE)

While fewer people are attending live sports events, armchair viewers are growing in number.

attract, draw, draw in, pull, pull in

The evening news is to change its serious image in a bid to attract more viewers.

entice, lure

attempts to lure younger viewers to the channel


Advertisers want to reach younger viewers.

be a hit with

The new sitcom has been a big hit with viewers.

inform, tell

The announcer informed viewers that the game had been postponed.

offer sth, present with sth, provide with sth

We want to present viewers with something they haven't seen before.


a major new drama series that looks set to shock television viewers


The presenter's style may alienate some viewers.

see sth, watch sth

TV viewers saw the giant funnel of a tornado speeding across the fields.

It is estimated that four million viewers watched the show.

tune in

More than six million viewers tuned in to see the game.

switch off, switch to sth
call, call in, phone, phone in, ring (BrE)

Hundreds of viewers called in to complain after the show.

email, write, write in

Viewers can vote for their favourite/favorite performer.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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