noun ⇨ See also ↑holiday
1 (AmE) period of time away from home for pleasure
summer, winter

The sisters are on summer vacation with their family.

three-day, two-week, etc.
month-long, week-long, etc.
extended, long

I may go on an extended vacation to Bermuda.

little, short

She needed a little vacation to clear her head.

beach, cruise, golf, ski
exotic, tropical
Caribbean, European, etc.
great, nice
dream, perfect

A Nile cruise is high on my list of dream vacations.


The President cut short his working vacation by two days.


He hadn't taken a real vacation in years.

get, go on, have, take

She took a well-deserved vacation to Mexico.


She was going to spend her vacation in Hawaii all by herself.

come back from, get back from, return from
could use, need

I hope the bad weather didn't ruin your vacation.

destination, resort, spot

Orlando is a popular vacation resort for British tourists.

cottage, home, house, property, villa
photos, pictures
on vacation
2 (esp. AmE) period of rest from work/school

Military personnel receive a month of paid vacation.

spring, summer, winter
month-long, week-long, etc.
one-month, two-week, etc.

Students had a two-week vacation at the end of December.


The long summer vacation breaks the rhythm of instruction.

day, leave, time

Employees no longer have a fixed number of vacation days.

I wasn't able to use all of my vacation time last year.

I have put in for vacation time.

on vacation

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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