1 way/amount that sth is used
heavy, high

high energy usage


With normal usage, the equipment should last at least five years.


Drug usage by teenagers has increased in recent years.

electricity, energy, fuel, power, water
computer, email, Internet, Web
cellphone (AmE), mobile-phone (BrE)
monitor, track
go up, grow, increase
drop, go down
level, rate
data, information
usage of

Usage of computers in schools is increasing.

2 way that words are used
common, everyday, general, normal, ordinary, popular

That word is no longer in common usage.

contemporary, current, modern

a book on current English usage


Actual usage of the word is different from the meaning given in the dictionary.

correct, proper
American, English, etc.
language, linguistic, word
come into, enter

The term ‘ecotourism’ entered common usage in the 1990s.

in usage

The word has a slightly different meaning in popular usage.

pattern of usage

Dictionaries show typical patterns of usage.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


Look at other dictionaries:

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