great, serious

There was widespread industrial unrest in the north.

domestic, internal

The incident led to domestic unrest in the cities.

popular, public
growing, mounting

The murder of a boy by police sparked further unrest in the occupied zone.

civil, economic, ethnic, industrial, labour/labor, political, racial, social
peasant, student
period, wave

The increase in fees sparked a new wave of student unrest.

cause, create, foment, provoke, spark, spark off, stir up (esp. BrE), trigger
deal with, quell

The government's attempts to quell serious popular unrest led to civil war.

during (the) unrest

Many businesses were looted during the unrest.

unrest among

a wave of democratic unrest among the masses

unrest over

growing unrest over pay levels

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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