considerable, great, high (esp. AmE), significant, substantial

The 1990s were a period of high uncertainty for businesses.


It still leaves us with fundamental uncertainties about why the famine happened.


the inherent uncertainty in economic and budgetary forecasts

continuing, lingering
economic, financial, legal, political, scientific
amount, degree, element
cause, create, generate, give rise to (esp. BrE), introduce, lead to
add, add to, increase

Her comments will add to the uncertainty of the situation.

Her comments will add uncertainty to an already complicated situation.

eliminate, end, remove, resolve
bring an end to (BrE), put an end to (esp. BrE)
express, show

I expressed some uncertainty on the point.

Her expression showed her uncertainty.


They are facing some uncertainty about their jobs.

surround sth

the uncertainty surrounding the proposed changes in the law


Some uncertainty still exists about the safety of the new drug.


Considerable uncertainty remains about this approach.

uncertainty about

a feeling of uncertainty about his future

uncertainty as to

There's considerable uncertainty as to whether the government's job creation strategies will work.

uncertainty in

There is considerable uncertainty in our understanding of global warming.

uncertainty over

uncertainty over the safety of the drug

uncertainty regarding

This will remove any uncertainties regarding possible contamination.

an area of uncertainty

One area of uncertainty remains: who will lead the team?

an atmosphere of uncertainty, a climate of uncertainty

a climate of global economic uncertainty

a feeling of uncertainty, a moment of uncertainty

Chris experienced a moment of uncertainty.

a period of uncertainty, a source of uncertainty

The economy became a source of uncertainty and discontent.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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