1 highest part/surface of sth
extreme, very

We didn't climb to the very top of the mountain, but close enough.

cliff, hill, mountain, roof, tree (usually clifftop, hilltop, etc.)
counter (esp. AmE), stove (AmE), table (usually countertop, etc.)
at the top, on top

Each cake had a cherry on top.

There was a vase on top of the bookcase.

to the top
from top to bottom

I'm going to clean the house from top to bottom this weekend.

2 highest/most important rank/position
get to, make it to, reach, rise to

Few of the trainees make it to the top.

She rose to the top of her profession within ten years.

at the top

The company has an unusually high proportion of young people at the top.

on top, to the top
top of the agenda

Pay was now (at the) top of the employees' agenda.

top of the class

She was top of the class in geography.

3 cover that you put on sth in order to close it
lift, lift off, pop (AmE, informal), pop off (informal, esp. AmE), pull off, unscrew

He popped the top of a soda can.

put back on, screw on
4 piece of clothing
halter, hooded (esp. BrE), long-sleeved, low-cut, sleeveless, strapless
baggy, loose

She wore a pink skirt with a matching top.

crop, tank, tube (AmE), vest (BrE)
bikini, pyjama/pajama
football, tracksuit (both BrE)
Top is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑turnover
Top is used with these nouns as the object: ↑bill, ↑chart, ↑cheese, ↑hill, ↑list, ↑per cent, ↑record

She came top in the exams.


All the doctors here are top in their field.

She was top in English. (BrE)


He was top of his class.

Top is used with these nouns: ↑accolade, ↑adviser, ↑aide, ↑amateur, ↑athlete, ↑award, ↑barrister, ↑bracket, ↑branch, ↑brand, ↑button, ↑candidate, ↑chef, ↑choice, ↑coach, ↑coat, ↑commander, ↑competitor, ↑contender, ↑copy, ↑corner, ↑deck, ↑designer, ↑destination, ↑diplomat, ↑division, ↑dog, ↑drawer, ↑economist, ↑edge, ↑editor, ↑employer, ↑end, ↑envoy, ↑executive, ↑exporter, ↑flat, ↑floor, ↑footballer, ↑form, ↑gear, ↑goalkeeper, ↑golfer, ↑grade, ↑gymnast, ↑half, ↑hat, ↑honour, ↑hotel, ↑industrialist, ↑jaw, ↑job, ↑jockey, ↑journalist, ↑lawyer, ↑layer, ↑leader, ↑leadership, ↑league, ↑left, ↑level, ↑lid, ↑lip, ↑management, ↑manager, ↑manufacturer, ↑mark, ↑model, ↑movie, ↑negotiator, ↑nightclub, ↑note, ↑official, ↑orchestra, ↑performer, ↑personality, ↑photographer, ↑player, ↑pocket, ↑portion, ↑position, ↑priority, ↑prize, ↑producer, ↑professional, ↑prospect, ↑psychiatrist, ↑quality, ↑rail, ↑rank, ↑rate, ↑rating, ↑referee, ↑restaurant, ↑retailer, ↑rival, ↑row, ↑runner, ↑salary, ↑salon, ↑scientist, ↑score, ↑seed, ↑shape, ↑sheet, ↑shelf, ↑soap opera, ↑soil, ↑specialist, ↑speed, ↑spin, ↑spot, ↑spy, ↑stair, ↑step, ↑storey, ↑story, ↑supermarket, ↑surgeon, ↑swimmer, ↑talent, ↑third, ↑tooth, ↑university, ↑venue, ↑window

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