1 change in the level of the sea
flood, incoming, rising
ebb, outgoing
high, low
neap, spring
ocean (esp. AmE)

If caught in a rip tide, strong swimmers should swim for shore.


We have to get up early to catch the tide (= leave at the same time as the tide goes out).

be in
be out
come in, rise
ebb, fall, go out, recede, retreat (esp. BrE)
be on the turn (BrE), turn

the time of day when the highest tides occur

wash sb/sth up

The body was washed up by the tide the next day.

line, mark

the high tide mark


When the sea recedes, tide pools reveal a bewildering diversity of marine life.

at … tide

Seals lie on the rocks at low tide.

on a/the tide

We went out to sea on the ebb tide.

2 movement of opinion; sudden increase
growing, rising

the rising tide of crime


He didn't have the courage to swim against the political tide.

go with, ride
go against, swim against
reverse, stem, turn, turn back

attempts to stem the tide of revolution


Seeing the tide was now running in his direction, he renewed his campaign for reform.

carry sb/sth along

The tide of public opinion seems to be turning at last.

against a/the tide

It takes courage to speak out against the tide of public opinion.

on a tide

They were carried along on a tide of euphoria.

tide against, tide in favour/favor of

Civil liberties groups helped to turn the tide against industrial violence.

the tide of history

the shifting tides of history

the turn of the tide

In the early 1990s there was a marked turn of the tide.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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