1 how hot or cold sth is
high, hot, warm

Yesterday the town reached its highest ever February temperature.

cold, cool, low, sub-zero

Avoid exposing the instrument to extreme temperatures.

boiling, freezing, melting

the boiling temperature of the solvent

maximum, minimum
average, mean
constant, stable, steady
annual, daily
summer, winter, etc.
April, July, etc.

The increase in the mean global temperature will be about 0.3°C per decade.

air, ocean (esp. AmE), sea (esp. BrE), water, etc.
ambient, room

The product can be stored at room temperature.


the surface temperature of our planet

external, internal

Some places had temperatures in the forties during the heatwave.

heat sth to, increase, raise

Heat the oven to a temperature of 200°C.

decrease, lower, reduce
control, maintain, regulate
measure, monitor, record
expose sth to

These instruments can withstand temperatures of 180°C.

go up, increase, rise, soar
dip, drop, fall, go down, plummet

Overnight the temperature fell to minus 30°C.


Water temperatures ranged from 12 to 15°C.

exceed sth, reach sth
change, vary
change, difference, drop, increase, rise
fluctuation, gradient, range, variation

a temperature range of 60–74°F


The desert is a place of temperature extremes.

control, regulation
data, measurement, reading
gauge, sensor
at … temperature

Serve the wine at room temperature.

in a temperature

This plant grows well in temperatures above 55°F.

temperature above, temperature below

|Temperatures below freezing are common here.

temperature between

a temperature between 35 and 37°

temperature of

The fish prefer a temperature of 24–27°C.

a change in temperature, a variation in temperature
a range of temperature
a drop in temperature
an increase in temperature, a rise in temperature
2 fever
have, run

She's running a temperature.


The nurse produced a thermometer and took my temperature.

bring down

They used ice packs to bring down her temperature.

go up, rise
come down
temperature of

He's in bed with a temperature of 102°.

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