deep, genuine, great, immense, profound, terrible, tremendous, unbearable

He wrote to the dead man's mother expressing his deep sorrow.


I felt no sorrow for her.


She wanted to share his sorrow.


I couldn't hide my sorrow and anger.

drown (figurative)

Alex decided to drown his sorrows in beer.

bring, cause

The war brought sorrow to millions.

to sb's sorrow

To his great sorrow he could not remember his mother.

with sorrow

They accepted the decision with sorrow.

sorrow at

his sorrow at having to quit his job

an expression of sorrow, a look of sorrow

His eyes took on an expression of sorrow.

a feeling of sorrow, a pang of sorrow

Claudia felt a deep pang of sorrow for her sister.

full of sorrow

He looked at Katherine, his eyes full of sorrow.

tears of sorrow

Tears of relief were mixed with tears of sorrow.

a time of sorrow

This is a time of great sorrow for all the family.

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