global, world, worldwide
economic, price, property, stock-market

The share-price slump has wiped about $10 billion off the company's value.

current, recent

The economy is in a prolonged slump.

deep, disastrous, severe

a severe slump in much-needed foreign investment

in a slump

The economy is in a slump.

into slump

The industry is sinking into a slump.

slump in

Investors were badly hit by the slump in property prices.

1 decrease suddenly
alarmingly, badly, dramatically, heavily

Oil prices have slumped quite badly in recent months.


Profits slumped by 70%.

from, to

Shares in the company slumped from £2.75 to £1.54.

2 fall/sit down suddenly and heavily
a little
forward, over

She was sitting with her head slumped forward.

I walked in and saw him slumped over.

back, down

He slumped against the wall.


She slumped back in her seat.

in front of

Bart was slumped in front of the TV.


He slumped down into a chair.


She slumped onto the bed.


She slumped dejectedly over the wheel.


She slumped to the floor.

be found slumped … 

He was found slumped in a pool of blood by security guards.

lie slumped … , sit slumped … 

He lay slumped over the steering wheel.

Slump is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑market, ↑price, ↑receipt, ↑sale, ↑shoulder
Slump is used with these nouns as the object: ↑per cent

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

(as in walking on snow),

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